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Why Bars and Restaurants are Becoming Narau Coworking Spaces?

You can find different types of Workspaces in Narau. Like one of our workspaces, Room 43 in Clapham.

Room 43 historically was open from 5 pm onwards. Narau looks for spaces such as this to convert into a workspace from 9-5.  This is a great example of new types of working through which cheaper and more flexible solutions can be found in contrast to the traditional office models. 

"Coworking spaces at bars and restaurants are cropping up around the world from London and Tokyo all the way to the U.S. In New York City and San Francisco, co-working companies are partnering with on-premise venues to turn idle front-of-house spaces into communal office for the remote working sector.

This restaurant-by-night, office-by-day trend has created a new, passive stream of income for the hospitality industry, and it's one that restaurants and bars are using to help pad their bottom line."

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