NearU team

The Decentralization of Office Space

Across the world as office space is transitioning from centralized and contractual physical spaces to flexible and decentralized physical spaces, Narau is one of the first connected platforms to remove the traditional barriers of office spaces. A platform where customers can find places to work near them and instantaneously book in to work or have meetings. A technology and service specifically designed to improve the flexibility and cost of finding places to work.


Narau, established in 2019, seeks to aggressively take on the current structure of office spaces at a time in which many perceptions to how we work are dramatically shifting. A global shortage of accessible and flexible workspace in tandem with the implications of the coronavirus has created a workspace revolution, which will improve the quality of employees’ lives and shift people away from the city centres towards residential areas. The benefits of working near home were already evident in the rise of coworking in 2019, however the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this further. 

Narau was set up with the aim to provide a solution to the rising cost and inflexibility of working spaces in London. Narau has the technology and infrastructure to deliver reliable, remote workspaces anywhere in the world. It has been doing exactly that to support people aggregate the cheapest co-working and working spaces near them. Now with the Covid-19 pandemic, the focus has turned to support employees in large companies, for example, who do not have the conditions to work at home - on a massive scale. It is connecting offices, coworking spaces and event areas to customers and providing income to these businesses otherwise decimated by the virus. 

Narau envisages a decentralized work force who will not always be commuting, if at all, to main city centres and want to book in anywhere, anytime and work either in teams or individually near them. Its technology enables a booking system for up to three months and a way for more than 1 person to book in. Therefore if say 3 or 4 employees in the same team live near each other they can structure a daily meeting in a space near them – a much better alternative to zoom meetings in your home or having to commute a long way when you could just meet 5 minutes away. 

The market opportunity for Narau is growing fast from use in large companies now cancelling leases and looking for hybrid alternatives to small companies needing cheap and flexible spaces to work. We are even exploring the appeal to students who face the issue of declining library spaces and study environments, which are not Covid friendly. 

The company is working towards a vision of a single platform for all working needs which would enable the provision of workspaces through which anyone can create an office space.