NearU team

Remote working with Narau

Narau looks to shift the future of work away from central office spaces. Individuals now have a choice to book to work where they want. This eradicates long leases, commutes, and provides a better working quality of life. 

“Working from home doesn’t work for everyone, and directors must be alive to the downsides. Managing teams remotely can prove far from straightforward, and directors must make sure they are going out of their way to support employees’ mental wellbeing. 

Most office workers do not intend to spend five days a week in the workplace once the Covid-19 crisis is over, with both bosses and employees seeing home working as a long-term trend. The pandemic has changed working patterns for good, a survey from the British Council for Offices (BCO) has found. In the future white-collar workers will adopt a mixed approach, combining remote working with several days a week in the office."

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