NearU team

Narau is here to help you during this pandemic

COVID-19 has impacted our mental and physical health hard. Employees are worried about the future, the uncertainty of their health, and the possibility of losing their jobs. Some employees were not prepared to work remotely due to office closures. Forcing most employees to work from home with lousy wifi, lack of equipment, and being distracted by family members or housemates, causing stress, monotonous, and demotivating for some employees.

"This means It's the perfect opportunity for leaders to demonstrate their commit employees' to mental health and overall well-being. Here are five ways that employers can support their employees during a pandemic."

1) Utilize technology to offer mental health resources

2) Use this opportunity to reduce the stigma

3) Double-down on communication

4) Prioritize well-being in your benefits plan

5) Show empathy and leadership

By using Narau you can help your employees who are struggling at home or cannot work from home. Same concept with Airbnb but with the workspace. Find workspace near you or anywhere around the UK.  

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