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Explore Madrid through these flexible workspaces

Welcome to the Narau World Tour! We are excited to announce our expansion internationally and show you some of the great spaces that we've recently on-boarded. From the shore of the Baltic Sea, to the Sunshine State of Florida, this will be a truly international journey, so stay tuned as we add more to our list.

Start exploring Madrid

In Spain’s hustling-bustling capital city, you’ll never run out of things to see and do when you aren't working. You can explore the wonders of the Prado Museum or take a look in the shops and theatres of the famous Gran Vía. Or maybe try the local cuisine - Madrid is famous for its sweet treats like turrón and their answer to a chocolate croissant, the Napolitana con chocolate; and what better place to try them than in the city's most notable pastry shop, La Mallorquina, located just off the Plaza Mayor. If you're feeling very brave (and fancy something savoury), you could head over to the Mercado San Miguel and try the (apparently!) very Madrileñan squid sandwich.

But remember, you didn't just come to Madrid for a holiday - you're also here to work, so check out these great flexible workspaces. More information about how to book below.