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3 British seaside spots for your workation

For the millions of UK residents who live and work in the city, dreams of the seaside are often reserved solely for the summer holidays - but it doesn’t just have to be this way. As the world turns towards hybrid working, only internet connection stands in the way for those who are able to work remotely - and there are numerous benefits to choosing a workstation by the sea. For one, people who live within 5km of the British coastline rated their physical and mental health better than those who lived in-land; living even closer (within 1km) means you’re also more likely to exercise regularly. In fact, just having a view of the sea has been linked to improved heart rates and better mood regulation. So with this in mind, why not take a tour of some of the coastal locations we have on offer?

Torquay, Devon

Harbour Studios - from £15pp

Located just a stone’s throw from Torquay Harbour, this flexible workspace definitely delivers on those all important sea views. As well as being all set up with super fast wifi, private meeting room access, and plenty of desk space, their unique location on the harbour means you can easily take a long lunch break to go paddleboarding! They also host a number of events, especially around Christmas, so more of a reason to keep them in mind for a visit outside of the summer months.