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Frequent questions about NearU

What is NearU?

NearU is a mobile app and digital platform that enables businesses and individuals to implement hybrid working across hundreds of high quality, on-demand workspaces, meeting rooms, and event spaces with minimal commitment and maximum flexibility.

The platform offers choice to employees, whilst offering additional benefits to businesses such as increased productivity, reduced staff turnover, improved employee wellbeing, and a reduction in carbon footprint through hybrid working. The huge range of workspaces ensures you’re accommodating your total workforce through a diverse range of locations that are inclusive to everyone.

The concept for NearU originally began as a cheap and effective solution to help students study rather than going to the library, where a seat was never guaranteed. We offered spaces from as little as £5 where students could access the space and even get tea & coffee included!

We then looked to tackle the traditional working model and, rather unsurprisingly, we found that generally people didn’t enjoy commuting to a centralised office 5-days a week. If we could provide access to on-demand workspaces near them then the quality of their working life could be improved, and their productivity increased.

How does it work?

The process is very straight forward. Simply download the mobile app and create an account using your work email address. Search for workspaces near you and book the one you want!

Individuals can make their own payment for each booking, or if you have a business account then all can be assigned to this profile, resulting in one simple monthly invoice.

Whether it’s a formal setting or a more creative environment you’re looking for, we have hundreds of locations offering a diverse range of space to suit your needs that can be booked in an instant.

Why use NearU?

The world of work has changed. In order to attract and retain top talent, businesses must now evolve their workplaces trategy to accommodate a changing workforce. Recent studies suggest over 50% of employees would consider leaving their role if their employer did not offer flexible working in some form.

Our platform offers high quality, on-demand spaces through a subscription-free and totally pay-as-you-go model. Allcosts are in local currencies rather than credits, so you know exactly what each employee is spending.

Our Admin portal offers assigned users the ability to view usage data, along with features such as spend management and analysis. This data and insight can help inform future Real Estate decisions to ensure your portfoliois as efficient as possible.

Never incur a cost for unused or under utilised workspace again.

How is NearU different?

Rather than offering subscriptions or credit-based systems which can become unnecessarily confusing, the cost of a booking through NearU is calculated purely on the space you and your teams need, for the time it is required. It’s totally pay-as-you-go.

Why pay speculatively for workspace or meeting rooms if you aren’t sure how and when it will be needed?

Equally from a supply perspective, why limit yourself to a single provider when your workforce demands diversity. Through using the NearU platform your employees can gain instant access to hundreds of diverse workspaces from different providers, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Where are spaces available through NearU?

We’re currently expanding across the UK, Europe and beyond, with more locations added daily through our network of Hosts. Please check the app for our latest coverage, and if you have requirements outside of our current footprint then let us know and we’ll work closely with you to find suitable spaces.

Can I also book meeting rooms?

Absolutely. We have a wide range of space types across our hosts offering desks, coworking spaces, meeting rooms and even hotel lounges. These are bookable on flexible terms from as little as one hour.

Can I make a group booking for me and my colleagues?

Yes. Our platform enables you to select the number of people you’re making the booking for at the point of confirmation. If you want to get together with a handful of colleagues, or perhaps arrange a team huddle, then it’s very simple to book for multiple attendees.

What if there aren’t any locations available near me or my team?

Get in touch to let us know and we’ll work to find you a suitable workspace. We are always happy to discuss a specific onboarding project if you have a list of employee locations that you would like us to focus on – just let us know.

I have a specific request – can I speak to the workspace before booking?

Our app offers a unique chat function that allows you to talk to the centres directly for exactly this reason!

Need to know if there’s a phone booth available? What’s the workspace environment like? Can I bring my dog? Is there hot food available? Feel free to ask the host whatever you need.

What if I need to cancel my booking?

We appreciate that sometimes plans change, so this is absolutely fine. Just ensure you give at least 24hrs notice and there’s no charge to pay.

How secure are these spaces?

All spaces have been reviewed to ensure they’re suitable to list on our platform. Each centre will have their own security features on site both physically and virtually, so if in doubt or you have specific questions, please use the chat function to reach out and discuss directly with the centre before booking.

Can I bring my lunch to the spaces?

For most spaces, absolutely. This is however up to the host and they will outline in the amenities section of their profile. Again, if in doubt please feel free to message them for clarity.

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