4 hybrid workspaces you need to visit in Soho


30 Sep, 2021

Known for its lively media scene, Soho is the perfect place to work if you want to be at the centre of a bustling community of creatives. Plus, with so much entertainment on offer outside of the office, you'll never find yourself twiddling your thumbs on a lunch break.
So without further ado, let's jump right into our list of 4 hybrid workspaces you need to visit in Soho. And as ever, read to the end for more information on how to book with NearU.

For creatives: Boutique Workplace 11 Golden Square - from £20pp

At the edge of Golden Square you'll find Boutique Workplace's Soho location, a light and airy office with a number of media giants as next-door neighbours. From Sony Pictures Entertainment to Absolute Radio, you'll find yourself in inspiring company if you choose to book into this space.

The office itself is a grand sight, nestled inside a fantastically preserved Grade II listed building with all the features you might expect. High ceilings, original marble fireplaces, and stunning Georgian windows which let in the perfect amount of natural light to keep you working on top form.

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Grab a coffee nearby at Nordic Bakery
And what better way to start the working day off than with a coffee and a bun? You'll find Nordic Bakery just a short walk away from Boutique Golden Square, famed for serving the 'best cinnamon buns in London' which are baked fresh every day on premises - but their savoury options are not to be sniffed at either. All their lunch items are based on traditional Scandinavian recipes, so expect to see plenty of open rye bread sandwiches when you walk into this joint. 

For nature lovers: Boutique Workplace Soho 36 - from £20pp

Another Boutique Workplace location, Soho 36 can be found sitting across from the district's famous Soho Square. Dynamically designed with bursts of bright colour to keep you feeling inspired throughout the working day, this office boasts a mix of meeting rooms and collaborative space. 

The space is also dog friendly! So if you can't find anyone to babysit your pooch in the day, or simply want to inject a bit of canine energy into the office then why not bring them along?

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Take a walk in Soho Square on your break
This desirable location puts you right on the edge of Soho Square, often heralded as an oasis amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. Built in the 1670s as a homage to King Charles II, the Square has seen many makeovers throughout the years; from hosting naturalist Joseph Banks' exotic flora in the 18th century to its conversion into an air-raid shelter during the Second World War. Now, though, you'll simply find it's a nice place to take a stroll during a work break, whether that's with your dog or on your ones.

For foodies: Union Workspace Soho - from £5pp

This stylish Art Deco space has unmistakably-Soho vibes - it's also unique in that it's attached to the 300-year-old Union Club. Chill out in the comfy lounge area kitted out with rustic leather sofas, or take your work up to the roof terrace and make the most of that Soho skyline (weather permitting). Plus, with soft jazz playing in the background you'll feel even more relaxed as you work.
Another perk of this space is their fantastic on-site kitchen, which provides a different menu of responsibly sourced meals every day.

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Organise a work social nearby at Karaoke Box
What better way to break the ice as we head back into the office than with a group rendition of 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'? You'll find Karaoke Box just a few doors down from Union Workspace on Frith Street - they offer rooms for between 5 and 12 people, so perfect for smaller company socials.

For productivity: Day Office - from £19pp

This hybrid workspace, located just off Oxford Street, is designed with productivity in mind, making heavy use of white space and plenty of greenery, both proven to boost mood at work. You'll also find this office equipped with the best ergonomic furniture, so you can put those days of balancing your laptop on a stack of pillows or being hunched over a makeshift desk at home well and truly behind you.

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Grab a post-work drink at Bradley's Spanish Bar
Described as the 'not so hidden gem of Oxford Street', Bradley's Spanish Bar has made a name for itself as a sociable haunt where you might walk in alone and leave with some new friends. This kind of vibe will be perfect for anyone looking to bond with a co-worker after a long day at the office. Or maybe for a larger group social where you can make the most of their famous jukebox - though it might be best to save the embarrassing dance moves.

All of these spaces are available to book into for as little as a day or as a long as a month via NearU right now. Just download our app from the App Store or Google Play. Interested in rolling out NearU company wide? Book a demo here.

What is NearU?

NearU, or the AirBNB for workspaces as we like to think of it, has launched an app that connects employees to flexible desk space and meeting rooms, putting flexible working at your fingertips. Traditional office working is a thing of the past and working-from-home has a high impact on our mental health. NearU's pay-as-you-go booking platform lets you choose to work-near-home when you want, eliminating the need for a commute, freeing you from expensive office rental contracts, and giving you the freedom to do what works for you.

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