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7 of the coolest flexible workspaces in Los Angeles


26 Apr, 2022

We're going to Hollywood, baby!

The historical home of the global entertainment industry, Los Angeles is the epitome of glitz and glamour. But it would be reductive to boil LA down to just Hollywood, as there are a whole host of exciting suburbs that make this sprawling city sparkle. From Pasadena to Long Beach and Santa Monica to West Covina - it's impossible to give a nod to all of the places that make Los Angeles what it is.

And of course, such a huge city must have a huge amount of coworking spaces right? Well, here are our top 7, which you can book into on NearU right now. Just read to the end for more details of how to books.

For creatives: Secret Spot DTLA - from $35pp

It's no surprise that this trendy flexible work space is located at the heart of LA's Fashion District. With a variety of space and workshop areas, the co-workers at Secret Spot tend to be in the creative industry, with photographers, art students, dancers, content creators, videographers and more all bringing their unique experience to one shared location. As such, you'll find plenty of recording hardware and software available on site, as well as a studio space that you can make use of.

Plus, if you're looking for a bit of cultural down-time on your lunch break, why not take a tour of their fantastic art gallery? It's not every day you find a coworking space with one of those!

Take a trip to Los Angeles Flower Market

Operating Monday through Saturday, you can't miss the chance to visit Los Angeles Original Flower Market, just a few blocks away from Secret Spot. Having been open for over a century, the vendors here are truly veterans of their game. They sell flowers from all over the world, and many of the vendors have been selling at this location for decades. At just $2 for weekday admissions (and 1$ on Saturdays) we think the market is a blooming good deal!

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For start-ups: Indie Desk - from $20pp

Not too far from Secret Spot you'll find Indie Desk. This space has a long and impressive history - established in 2011, it was the first ever coworking space to open in Downtown LA! Start-up culture is at their very core, and from its inception Indie Desk hoped to position DTLA as the destination for tech entrepreneurship and innovation. But nowadays it welcomes everyone, with flexible work space to suit any need from a quiet meeting to a vibrant coworking community! All with stunning views of the city.

For EV enthusiasts: 1001 Wilshire Coworking - from $35pp

As soon as you step into this space, it's hard not to be hit with a warm, cosy feeling. Also in Downtown LA, 1001 Wilshire is a collaborative workspace that aims to 'soothe the soul' as well as focus the mind. Their huge coworking hall has an abundance of desk space, lounge areas, booths and greenery to keep you feeling inspired and alert. 

Of course, they also offer private meeting rooms for when you're looking to dazzle your clients or brainstorm with colleagues. And if you drive an electric car, you're in luck - they have on-site charges in their car park.

Grab a drink at the Arts District Brewing Company

While you're Downtown you might as well check out the Arts District - and since it gets pretty hot in LA you'll probably fancy an ice cold beer, right? Luckily this place combines those two activities in one. Founded in 2015, the Arts District Brewing Company have become experts at their game, and now you'll find some of the best craft beers on offer here. With a wide selection of cocktails, food, and of course, beer, rotating regularly, you'll never get bored of this place.

For the best events: YOUBE West Adams - from $6pp

Just a stone's throw from Culver City, this space is as cool as it gets. YOUBE West Adams is a hipster paradise, with concrete floors soaked in natural sunlight and huge jungle plants dotted all around the office. At the helm of coworking innovation, YOUBE was built on the values of total flexibility, allowing their guests to use the space as and when it works for them (I mean, we couldn't agree more really). 

They also aim to elevate their user experience by offering a number of cool events - from classes on understanding NFT and blockchain, to workshops on how to use light in photography, they have it all.

For Hollywood glamour: Studio by Tishman Speyer - from $50pp

You'd be hard pressed to find any space by Tishman Speyer that wasn't top-notch. And they certainly hit the mark with this space, located in Beverly Hills. Designed with old Hollywood glamour meets contemporary design in mind, this space is super sleek. We love the amount of natural light pouring into their coworking lounge, and the little pops of colour inject a sense of fun that you don't get with your average grey cubicle office. 

Oh, and we forgot to mention - this space joins onto a stunning courtyard. Fancy a spot of sun-bathing anyone?

Take a stroll along Sunset Boulevard

We can't do a workspace guide to LA without mentioning Sunset Boulevard. One of the most famous streets in the city, this strip is most renowned for its active night-life, but it is also a cultural phenomenon in itself. It has inspired a number of films, songs and musicals, with of course the most famous being Sunset Boulevard, the 1950 film-noir flick by Billy Wilder. Though at 22 miles long, we don't actually recommend you walk the whole thing.

For beach-lovers: Beach House CoWork - from $30pp

This space does exactly what it says on the tin. Beach House CoWork is definitely not one to miss if you're working in Santa Monica - I mean, if this space was any closer to the beach, it would be in the sea! Although you probably won't be heading out for a surf while you're at work, the design of this space will make you think you're riding the waves, with plenty of plywood and beach-inspired furnishings filling up this fantastic space. Plus, they also have a sun-drenched outdoor terrace for a bit of sun-soaking.

For techies: Eureka Hub Irvine - from $25pp

A little ways out of Los Angeles, Eureka Hub in Irvine still deserves an honourable mention here. This collaborative hub has been designed for remote workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs alike and sits at the very heart of Orange County. They also run a number of successful events throughout the year, largely geared towards brining people in the tech industry together. The largest is their Eureka Fest, which runs for 5 days and attracts over 1200 people!

Like the look of these spaces? You can book into them instantly with NearU - simply download our app from the App Store or Google Play and search, book, work. Looking for another workspace on the coast? Check out our guide to the best British seaside spots.