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Case study: how NearU works for Aster Group


23 May, 2022

While we are the specialists when it comes to your office, Aster Group have got it covered for all things home life.

Employing over 1,450 people and turning over an average annual profit of £200 million, Aster Group have been connecting renters and shared owners to their perfect homes for years. Their charitable arm, Aster Foundation, also pledges to help people struggling with poor mental health and financial responsibilities in their community.

In fact, every time someone referred by Aster themselves books into a space NearU, a small portion of that goes towards supporting the Foundation.

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How NearU works for Aster

We recently sat down with Rhiannah Townley, Head of Workplace and Facilities Management, to chat about how she (and the rest of Aster's employees) have found using NearU so far. They've been one of our biggest and most supportive clients so far, so we're always really happy to hear their feedback.

Why did you want to offer your employees a third workspace?
Rhiannah: Like many businesses found, some of our colleagues found the COVID lockdown situation very difficult. When we told our colleagues they could start using NearU they were really optimistic about it. Just to know they have options has made all the difference to our team’s mental health.

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What are benefits have you noticed since allowing your employees to collaborate on-site?
Collaboration leads to a lot of ideas being sparked, a lot of conversations being had. In order to be innovative you need engaging and comfortable space.

What do you like most about our platform? How did this help you make the decision to work with us?
NearU's unique pay-as-you-go system makes you trust the platform more.

What does the future of work look like to you?
Moving forward I think hybrid working is an effective model.

Want to hop on the hybrid working wagon? You can do so easily with NearU! Book a demo with a member of our Sales team today to find out how you can make your company as flexible as Aster (or any of our clients). 

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