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Case study: how NearU works for Audeliss


26 Apr, 2022

We often shout about our hosts, but rarely our clients. And they're really what allows our platform to survive and thrive. So, we've decided to change that - starting now.

Here at NearU, we work with tons of fantastic companies (and thousands of employees) all taking steps towards the future of work. One such client is Audeliss.

How NearU works for Audeliss

Audeliss are a recruitment agency matching diverse candidates to top senior roles. They believe that all identities deserve to be represented in the world of work; that's why they specifically (but not exclusively) work with LGBTQ+ individuals, ethnic minorities, and women to pair them with the right employer. And now, we're working with them to help their employees find the right workspace!

But that's enough of us jabbering on. You want to hear our praises straight for the horse's mouth, right? Well luckily, you can. We recently sat down with CEO and Founder of Audeliss (and their partner organisation Involve People), Suki Sandhu OBE. Here is what he had to say about working with NearU.

Why did you decide to onboard NearU in the first place? What made us stand out from competitors?
We were introduced to NearU by an office-space finding agency who identified that it provided a more cost-efficient and flexible solution for us. As soon as we reached out to NearU we were impressed by their customer service and the platform itself. It was an easy decision to join NearU as members across all three of our companies.

How have you (and other employees) tended to use the platform? 
It varies massively but we use it for individual working, small group co-working, whole team meet ups, client meetings and casual ‘pop ins’ between other engagements.

What are the use cases? What type of employees tend to use it?
Everyone including myself!

Choosing where you want to work has been shown to increase productivity. What kind of positive effects have you noticed since using NearU? 
Small groups meeting up to work together has strengthened relationships in those teams. It’s also led to remote teams making time to get together and work face to face, and it improves efficiency for those members of staff who are ‘out and about’ being able to work between meetings.

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How effective do you find the reporting dashboard?
Very effective - easy to use and find information.

Would you recommend NearU to other companies? 
Yes – and we have already made personal and professional recommendations!

Seems like Suki (and Audeliss on the whole) are pretty happy with us! And you could be just as happy if you were working flexibly too.

At NearU, we put flexible working at your fingertips. Our award-winning app gives you immediate access to a network of on-demand workspaces, so you can simply search, book, and work wherever (and whenever) you need to. Whether you’re looking for a meeting room equidistant between remote colleagues, or a hot desk if working from your kitchen just isn’t cutting it, we've got you covered.