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Case study: how NearU works for Chaucer


03 May, 2022

Here at NearU, we're at the cutting edge of future-of-work technology. So it's only fair that our clients are just as cutting edge as we are, right?

That's why Chaucer Group were so keen to work with us. The digital transformation consultancy is helping businesses around the world scale up online. Just like us, they put people at the heart of everything they do - because when you have good, flexible work systems in place, your employees can blossom and thrive.

How NearU works for Chaucer

Ultimately, whenever we onboard a new client here at NearU, we just want to make their (and all their staff's) lives easier. By offering over 1000 workspaces around the world, from busy city locations to quiet commuter hotspots, we are able to provide a tailored space for everyone. But don't just take it from us. We recently spoke to Jo Mihajlovic, CSR Manager at Chaucer, for the low down on how NearU works for her and for the company as a whole.

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Why did you decide to onboard NearU in the first place? What made us stand out from competitors?
The app is easy to use and it that works regionally and internationally.

How have you (and other employees) tended to use the platform?
Ad hoc, starting to meet up with colleagues in different locations.

What are the use cases? What type of employees tend to use it?
All of our employees use it!

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Choosing where you want to work has been shown to increase productivity. What kind of positive effects have you noticed since using NearU?
People want to flock to central places where they can meet others and not feel isolated by working alone.

If you could offer an additional type of space to staff what would it be?
Access to gyms, yoga spaces or volunteering opportunities.

Would you recommend NearU to other companies?
Yes, definitely.

If you could have one new feature on the app what would it be?
That you put a location in and it takes you right there, not a 1 mile radius. It can be quite cumbersome to find a location if you know the postcode you can’t put it straight in and it pop up!  So say you search a landmark in a particular location it shows you everything in a 1 mile radius and you then have to search the map.

Want to find out how NearU can work for you and your company? Book a demo with our Sales team today, and let them help you figure out a flexible strategy to suit everyone on your team.