Future of Work: Virtual Worlds for Distributed Teams


13 Apr, 2023

In the past year, the way we work has changed drastically. With the rise of remote work, companies are seeking new ways to build stronger working relationships that increase productivity, improve employee wellness, and attract and retain the best talent – no matter where people are physically located. Legacy communication tools like video conferencing and messaging solutions alone can’t recreate the benefits of working together in person.

Virbela is an award-winning (Fast Company Most Innovative Companies and Next Big Thing in Tech) immersive technology company that is redefining the workplace for global businesses through virtual worlds and campus environments. Founded by a team of behavioural psychologists in 2012, Virbela is building the next generation of products for the Metaverse and VR, including Virbela® and Frame™. Virbela creates unique experiences that bring people together to foster collaboration and build community.

They work with large enterprises such as eXp Realty, PwC and DXC Technology to smaller organisations such as ITKAN, industry events like Economist Metaverse Summit and individuals looking to bring friends and families together for special occasions.

New ways of working

Workplace culture and community are more important than ever, especially within remote and distributed teams.

Virbela has pioneered an immersive enterprise metaverse that helps companies around the world solve today’s biggest workplace challenges. They offer a digital HQ where organisations can build culture and community, create healthy, productive, and engaging remote and hybrid work environments to digitally transform workplace operations.

Challenges of remote and distributed workforces

Virbela is helping to solve the challenges of a dispersed workforce by bringing spontaneous meetups with colleagues and management back through spatial computing and deeper, more personal connections, right to your desktop. They're creating healthy, productive, and engaging remote and hybrid work environments, while slashing real estate costs, travel costs, and carbon footprints.

Companies leading the way in virtual workspaces have the opportunity to leave many of the persistent problems of fixed-office arrangements behind. Diversity, inclusion, and equity can be rebuilt from the ground-up because individuals work in Virbela in avatar form. This helps eliminate the subtle power plays of appearance or common microaggressions and refocuses teams on merit and achievement. As collaboration quickly becomes natural in Virbela, multiple viewpoints can lead to ground-breaking ideas for new products and services. Leaders benefit from greater connection to teams, allowing everyone to focus on the deliverables of their roles, while bringing a sense of fun and camaraderie back into daily office life.

Virbela’s virtual spaces help companies improve the employee experience and efficiencies surrounding recruiting, onboarding, employee engagement, staff meetings and corporate events. The user experience and navigation is designed to be simple to learn and intuitive for any generation.

The growth of Virbela

Virbela launched its first business and education campus in 2014, seeing early traction from education, government, and remote enterprises. Virbela caught the eye of eXp Realty in 2016, a forward-thinking real estate company that was looking to move away from brick-and-mortar and move its offices into the cloud. Virbela was acquired by eXp Realty in 2018, a remote-first residential real estate brokerage. In 2020, the global pandemic emerged, changing the landscape for businesses, education, and the events industry. Virbela launched a virtual events product, seeing the opportunity to help event organisers struggling with cancelled in-person events due to the pandemic.

The company has seen tremendous growth in the last year, proving out the inherent benefits and resiliency of remote work. They have increased their customer base and revenue by over 5x, delivered 50+ campuses, and 500+ virtual events, and formed strategic partnerships in the enterprise and education sectors. Their groundbreaking products – Virbela, Frame, and JVT – give organisations and people the transformational power of metaverse and other immersive technologies to redefine what’s possible on the web, in the workplace, and in real-life training simulations.

The way we work has changed, and so have the tools we use to work. Virbela is leading the way in the social evolution of the workplace, creating immersive virtual environments that help organisations build culture and community, use resources more efficiently, increase productivity, and improve communication. With Virbela’s unique experiences, people can be happier and more efficient at work, freeing them up to have more control over work-life balance.