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Tech Talks: how Shortwave is taking the inefficiency out of email


20 May, 2022

Bursting inbox giving you anxiety? Same.

We can all agree that no one really likes emails - we don't like writing them, we don't like receiving them, and we also don't like deleting them. But all of that can make for a pretty bad experience when it comes to organising your communications.

Which is exactly where Shortwave can help.

What is Shortwave?

Linked directly to your Gmail, Shortwave automatically organises the emails you receive into relevant threads and bundles so you can simply focus on getting back to them, whenever it suits you. Their platform is also customisable, allowing you to pin and snooze certain emails that come in so you can prioritise the ones that really matter.

To learn more about Shortwave (and how they fit into the future of work), we spoke to Elizabeth Lowe from their Growth team...

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Can you summarize what your platform is/does in a sentence? 

Shortwave is a brand new experience for your Gmail account that helps you email smarter and faster, so you can not only be more productive, but actually enjoy your inbox. 

How have companies been using your platform so far? 

Companies are using Shortwave to manage their inboxes more efficiently, while increasing cross-team visibility on important conversations happening over email.

Shortwave’s inbox helps people understand their inbox at a glance by automatically categorizing and bundling related threads together to keep you organised by default.

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Real-time, team-oriented features like channels, instant email delivery, and emoji reactions, promote focused conversations and collaboration with teammates. We even have some teams using Shortwave as their sole tool for all internal and external communications.

We want to note that even if your company or clients aren’t using Shortwave, you still can! Individuals using Gmail can sign up and take advantage of a lot of the Shortwave features that make email more clear and efficient, even if those they work with or communicate with still haven’t jumped on board.

That being said, Shortwave is its full, fun self when using with other Shortwave users. Shortwave allows you to slim down the number of communication apps you are using. All of your previous messages from co-workers and from customers/clients are all in one space. 

Here is a video and a guide on how teams take full advantage of Shortwave.

Hybrid working - is it here to stay? Just give your personal opinion, no need to do masses of research on this one. 

We sure think so! Our team is fully remote, with off-sites happening every few months to spend focused time together and have some fun. PS - we are hiring!

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Any tech platforms you'd like to give a shoutout to while you're here? Maybe one that has helped your company during the transition to more digital working. 

We love using Gather as an internal way to have meetings and easily see who is “in the office” and free to chat. It helps us maintain work/life balance by following up with team members while they are actually working, and giving them uninterrupted time when they aren’t!

Shortwave helps to streamline and organize your everyday emails. Do you have any tips for how employees can stay organized in other aspects of their working lives?

At work, you email external people all the time: customers, vendors, job candidates, and more. Many of these threads are important to your teammates too, and with Shortwave it’s easy to loop in a single colleague or your whole team.

Channels let you unify both your internal and external communications into a single inbox, so it’s easier for everyone to stay caught up.

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