The 3 coolest workspaces in Istanbul


06 Oct, 2021

A city filled with culture and rich history, Istanbul has plenty to offer for both tourists and permanent residents - plus it has tons of cool workspaces too. Here are three of our favourites, all of which you can book into easily via NearU right now - just read to the end for more information.

For minimalists: Workhaus - from TRY15.00

First on the list we have Workhaus, located in the district of Maslak. This minimalist office space is renovated to the highest standard, making use of modern furnishings and plenty of natural lighting to keep you feeling bright, no matter what you're working on.

They provide a mix of coworking space and private, glass-enclosed pods perfect for serious meetings. They even offer a number of digital services, including graphic design, web design, and trademark registration services - talk about a triple threat!

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For a sweet pick-me-up - La Vita Patisserie
Perhaps the best thing about Workhaus though is its proximity to La Vita Patisserie. Just a stone's throw from the office space, you'll find this fabulous bakery serving all manner of sweet treats - from expertly crafted cakes to traditional Turkish bakes. Perfect for a pick-me up whenever work is getting you down.

For sun-worshippers: Bizworld - from TRY60.00

This funky space located in the city's business district of Levent isn't the dull corporate environment you might imagine. Decorated with tons of greenery, you'll also find wall displays dedicated to cultural icons like Salvador Dali, David Bowie and Muhammad Ali. Oh, and did we mention they have an amazing rooftop terrace with surrounding views of the city's towering high-risers?

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For a corporate dinner - Sans Restaurant
Want to impress some big clients, or perhaps secure that lucrative lead? Book a table at Sans Restaurant which you'll find just around the corner from Bizworld. Their innovative menu is a step away from traditional Turkish cooking, as it aims to provide guests with a taste of contemporary Mediterranean cuisine - their meatball dish is particularly famous for its blend of secret spices. 

If you want to sway your clients with even more local knowledge, drop into conversation that Sans is actually part of the Chaine des Rotisseurs, an exclusive international gastronomic society based on the principles of French cuisine. 

For a futuristic feel: HAN Spaces - from TRY90.00

This futuristic space, which you'll find between Levent and Zincirlikuyu, was recently renovated to a high technical standard by Studio 13 Architects. With four floors of shared offices, private meeting rooms and social zones, there's a diverse range of space to fit whatever it is that you're working on. The use of colour is also pretty inspiring, mixing bare concrete walls with pops of bright yellows, blues, reds and greens to capture your attention as it wanes through the day.

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For a post-work social - Jungle 8
Just a short walk from HAN, you'll find another futuristic location in the form of Jungle 8. This popular bar offers live music, themed events, and cocktail nights, which makes it the perfect place for a post-work social. They can also cater to specific event requirements if you're looking to organise something a bit more exclusive for your staff or colleagues.
Want to try any of these spaces out for yourself? Book into them easily with NearU - just download from the App Store or Google Play and get working.

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