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3 fantastic flexible workspaces in Queen's Park


04 Jan, 2022

The idyllic North West London area of Queen's Park is perhaps best known for its namesake green space. The vast space has everything from a tennis court to a small farm - but there's so much more to enjoy besides the park itself, being a vibrant suburb with plenty of cafes, markets and independent shops in its own right. 

It also has a fantastic coworking scene, supporting a community of freelancers, remote workers and entrepreneurs alike in a tight-knit network ideal for collaboration. Here are three of our favourite community-focussed spaces in and around Queen's Park. And as always, read to the end for more details on how to book.

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For community collaboration: The Loft at Queen's Studios - from £25pp

Just looking at the quaint exterior of this office, you'd never guess that such a sleek and modern flexible workspace lay inside. Formerly a furniture depository, the building, which sits just off the Salusbury Road, has been refurbished into a light and airy coworking space, with plenty of meeting rooms, breakout areas, a kitchen, and ample storage space. Settle down in one of their ergonomic chairs to work in a peaceful haven, surrounded by lots of indoor greenery; then make the most of their free tea and coffee as you engage in some water cooler chatter with your coworkers.

We love the community feel that The Loft has curated here. In fact, it could go a long way in helping you (or your employees) thrive. We all know by now that working-from-home can get pretty lonely, and that isolation often translates into a loss of motivation. That's why experts recommend prioritising casual conversations at work, whether that's about your personal life or whatever project you're working on. And these water cooler chats are easy to come by in The Loft (or any of our workspaces for that matter). 

Did you know, we also have an entire podcast dedicated to promoting casual interactions in the office? Each episode, we bring on two guests from different industries, backgrounds, or seniority levels to chat about a topic in common, to recreate that feeling of bumping into your boss in the kitchen, or a colleague from a different department at lunch. Listen to it here

Grab some groceries at Queen's Park Farmer's Market

If you're working nearby anyway, why not pick up some groceries at the local market during your lunch hour? Queen's Park host a regular farmer's market every week with stalls usually running on a Sunday, though you can sometimes find them in the week.

The past few years have shown just how important supporting local can be - it can truly make or break a business. Shopping local can mean the difference between someone making their rent in time or being able to afford new school uniforms for their kids. Plus, you get some tasty local veg in return - where's the downside?

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For women: The Hearth - from £35pp

This beautiful workspace a stone's throw from Queen's Park station isn't your average office. The Hearth was founded by women, for women, acting as a safe community for female professionals to work, collaborate, and socialise. While they principally offer their coworking services, they also regularly host events, wellness activities and relaxing treatments to ensure their guests the most calming experience possible. If you weren't already convinced, their cafe serves rainbow lattes - head on down to find out exactly what they are.

Having dedicated spaces for marginalised communities is so important. For many women, the office can be an uncomfortable place where casual harassment, unwanted comments and undermining behaviour can run rampant. Unsurprisingly, all of these things can have pretty serious implications. From the short-term effects of losing income (as those who face bullying and harassment are more likely to resign over having their complaints resolved); to the long term impact of poor mental health and overall productivity.

Thankfully, the Hearth exist to support those who want to find a safe haven away from such conduct. Women workers can simply focus on working to the best of their ability without having to worry about external factors. 

Buy a bun from Gail's Bakery

One of the daughter businesses to The Bread Factory, a wholesale breadmakers supplying to some of London's top chefs and restaurants, founder, Gail Meija, opened his first bakery on Hampstead high street in 2005. Nowadays, they operate over 74 shops throughout London, including this one on Salusbury Road. Here you can find tasty treats from savoury to sweet, with their rather glorious cinnamon buns being a firm favourite amongst locals.

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For a personal touch: GOOD SPACE - from £5pp

This space is certainly makes a bold impact. With bright blue exteriors, it would be hard not to do a double take as you make your way along Lonsdale road. But inside, GOOD SPACE takes a much sleeker design approach, making use of plenty of natural light, clear glass and wood to kit out the coworking space to the highest standard. While you can expect all the usual amenities of fast wifi, meeting rooms and free refreshments, what really stands out here is the community.

Owned and operated by a small team, David and Ashley, who decided to pack their bags and make the move all the way from the US to Queen's Park in order to open GOOD SPACE just over a year ago, this workspace attracts a network of entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers all ready to skill-share and collaborate. We love seeing independent spaces thrive as much as this one has, despite the difficult circumstances of the past two years; and it's all down to the wonderful community they've cultivated.

Chill out at Yogaloft

What better way to wind down after a long day's work than with a spot of stretching? Yogaloft sits next-door to GOOD SPACE, and makes for the perfect post-work pitstop, whether you're going solo or as part of a group. They host a variety of classes throughout the day, from Hatha to Vinyasa, as well as longer workshops if you're looking to get a deeper yogic education. You can choose to pay for single classes on a whim, buy a bundle, or even grab yourself a monthly membership.

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