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4 flexible workspaces you need to visit in Zurich


12 Jan, 2022

Anyone who has visited the Swiss city of Zurich will surely attest to its magic and beauty. Nestled in between the mountainous Alps and expansive Lake Zurich, the city looks straight out of a painting. It's no wonder then that it's considered one of the happiest in the world, with its residents regularly reporting fulfilment in their work and personal lives. And what better place to spread the joy than in one of the city's many vibrant coworking spaces? Here are four of our favourites currently listed on NearU (just read to the end for more detail).

tadah 1.jpeg 309.96 KB

For working parents: Tadah Coworking Space - from CHF 24.92pp

This stunning space located outside of the city centre, bordering the Albis mountain range, is more than just a workspace. It has been specially designed with busy parents in mind, featuring childcare facilities on-site so that you can work comfortably knowing your child is being professionally looked after just a few steps away. 

Of course, noisy children and focussed work don't tend to mix, which is why Tadah have invested in the best insulation, as well as plenty of fun toys, paints, and equipment to keep your kids busy and quiet, so you can get on with the task at hand. For too long, working parents have had to give up lucrative opportunities for in-person collaboration due to childcare responsibilities - Tadah, and many other spaces embarking on similar projects, are helping to change the tide.

Their adult areas have also been designed with the best care. Choose to pitch up in their light and airy coworking space, or settle in in one of their comfortable private pods (sweetly shaped like a house). Host a brainstorming session or conference in one of their larger meeting rooms, and then stretch your legs in their dynamic breakout area. Plus, if that wasn't already enough variety, take in some mountain fresh air on their outside terrace.

Host a unique social at Minimum Bouldering

There's only so many times you can suggest work drinks or karaoke for a company social - so why not do something entirely out-of-the-box? Just a ten minute walk from Tadah, you'll find Minimum Bouldering, a climbing hall encompassing 8,600ft with over 200 constantly updating challenges to put you and your colleagues to the test. There's something to suit everyone, from complete beginners to scaling experts, so no need to worry about being shown up.

OBC Suisse zurich.jpeg 121.78 KB

For corporates: OBC Suisse, Zurich City - from CHF 16.50pp

The first of two of OBC Suisse's spaces on this list, Zurich City puts you right at the heart of Zurich and is perfect for corporates wanting to host important clients. This workspace, located in the Bahnofstrasse district, is spread over 5 floors with a mix of bright meeting rooms, private desks and coworking space to choose from. Each room is cleanly branded, making it perfect for anyone wanting to host a conference or seminar where they can put their own spin on things.

Grab some lunch at Babu's Bakery & Coffee House

A short walk from OBC Suisse Zurich City, find Babu's Bakery & Coffee House, a local cafe specialising in delightful cake and brunch options. Tuck into sweet treats, like waffles and pancakes, or savoury options, like their smorgasbord of local meats and cheeses for a more traditional European lunch. They also regularly update their freshly baked items with the seasons, so expect plenty of pumpkin pie and Grittibanz (Swiss Christmas bread men) if you're visit around autumn and winter.

creativespace zurich.jpeg 113.24 KB

For the health-conscious: CreativeSpace Zurich - from CHF 30pp

Another space slightly outside the hustle and bustle of Zurich city centre is CreativeSpace. This trendy workspace has been designed specifically with freelancers, entrepreneurs and creatives in mind, but would surely make a lovely office for anyone looking to become part of a supportive coworking community. Expect all the office basics in this space, from super fast wifi to a variety of seating areas. Plus, enjoy the added bonus of standing desks!

Did you know, standing desks are actually better for you than their seated counterparts? Spending long hours sitting down can put you at an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancers; so naturally, standing up massively reduces the likelihood of these occurring. But in the short term, you might also expect to see an improvement in back and shoulder pain, and potentially even weight loss (though you only burn slightly more calories standing).

OBC Europalle.jpeg 119.58 KB

For conferences: OBC Suisse, Zurich Europaallee - from CHF 16.50pp

The second OBC Suisse location can be found just a stone's throw from the first. Situated, as the name suggests, in Zurich's Europaallee district, this office has plenty of space on offer - 2500 square metres to be exact. Divided into a mixture of private work zones and large conference rooms, this workspace is ideal for anyone looking to put on a presentation or host a seminar. Plus, their portable ergonomic chairs make it easy to quickly rearrange your space if a quick brainstorm or breakout session is needed.

Take a walk along the waterfront of Lake Zurich

Of course, you can't talk about Zurich without mentioning its magnificent lake. The impressive body of water is famed for its crystal clear appearance and can reach temperatures of up to 20 degrees celsius in the warmer months, with outdoor swimming in designated pools being very popular. But simply being near the water can help to improve your work. Many of us report feeling meditative and calm looking out at the sea or other large bodies of water, and those who live along coast lines tend to sleep better than those inland.

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