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5 of the coolest coworking spaces in Valencia


17 May, 2022

As one of the oldest cities in Spain, Valencia has a rich history.

Originally founded 2,100 years ago by the Romans, the city was later conquered by the Visigoths (invading from the region we now call Germany) and the Moors who hailed from North Africa, before it once again fell under Spanish rule.

Thankfully nowadays the political climate is much more stable, meaning you won't have to worry too much about weapon-wielding invaders when you're visiting one of their many wonderful sights. Including their coworking scene! Here are five flexible workspaces we think are muy bien...

cowork up 1.jpeg 126.19 KB

For entrepreneurs: Cowork Up - from €18pp

This cool space should be first on your list of workspaces to visit whenever you're in Valencia. With ample space floods with natural light, there's plenty of places to pitch your desk. Whether you want to position yourself at the centre of the action in their open-plan coworking space, host a more private soiree in one of their meeting rooms, or chill out in the relaxing break out space. 

Plus it's also the perfect place to grow your startup. Each week they hold networking events and one-to-one sessions with entrepreneurs to help pass on those crucial tips for getting your business off the ground. But the play just as hard as they work here, also hosting an event aptly named 'Beer Day'! We'll leave you to figure out what that means.

joaquin .jpeg 51.29 KB

For focus: Joaquin Sorolla Business Center - from €19pp

A little way outside the hubbub of the city centre you'll find Joaquin Sorolla Business Centre. But despite its corporate moniker this space is anything but. With bright blues and greens dotted throughout the decor, as well as plenty of natural light, you won't find yourself flagging when working at this space.

The team have also worked hard to cultivate a quiet environment making it the perfect place to get those focussed tasks that you might have been putting off throughout the week done.

international coworking valencia.jpeg 583.86 KB

For yogis: International Coworking Valencia - from €9.80pp

This community-oriented space is the place for you if you love being surrounded by like-minded souls at work. At International Coworking they aim to blend the personal and professional by making work a place you want to be, rather than somewhere you have to be. Socialise with your fellow coworkers in their friendly coworking space, then head upstairs to their rooftop terrace to catch some sun on your lunch break. 

Plus, if you're wanting to get extra chilled after a long day's work why not stay and join their yoga sessions? They hold them regularly on the terrace - and not only is yoga a great way to stay in shape, it's also a wonderful wind-down for the mind.

monteolivete.jpeg 241.38 KB

For a homely feel: Cowork Monteolivete - from €15pp

This cosy coworking space can be found in the sweet suburb of Mont-Olivet. A little on the small side, this hasn't stopped the team from creating a homely space that guests just love coming back to. But its modest size might actually be the most special thing about it, as many people who have visited said that it enables them to bond with their fellow coworkers even better! 

We also love the natural finish it's been given, with plenty of woody tones and indoor greenery spread throughout. And who could resist their adorable hammock area? We think this is the perfect place to spend your lunch break!

breakershub-1024x683.jpeg 61.2 KB

For minimalists: Breakers Hub - from €3pp

A minimalist workspace in the area of Camí Fondo, Breakers Hub is the epitome of professionalism. If you're looking for an environment that's a little more corporate with plenty of space to meet with clients or other members of your team, this space could be the one for you. They have ample meeting rooms to choose from with space for between 4 to 10 people, and the minimalist design means it's easy for you and your company to put your own stamp on.

Not to mention they also host a social coworking space - though it might be easily confused with an indoor jungle thanks to the abundance of plants and huge floral mural on the wall!

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