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Hosted by the Hosts: GOOD SPACE


13 Jan, 2022

We’d be nothing without our hosts.

That’s why we love promoting them whenever we can. But we decided we wanted to do one better. So in that same vein, we’re excited to introduce our latest (irregular) series, Hosted by the Hosts!

Get a sneak peak into some of our top spaces before you book, and meet some of the lovely people (and animals in this case) who’ll be hosting you during your working day. And for the first episode, we of course had to go with a staff favourite - GOOD SPACE.

Thank you so much to David and the rest of the team for collaborating with us on this video! We think it pretty much speaks for itself.

You can find GOOD SPACE in Queen’s Park, London, and book in with them today via NearU - just download the app from the App Store or Google Play and simply search, book, and work