The 5 coolest flexible workspaces in Hackney


09 Nov, 2021

While Hackney may have once had a bad reputation, in recent years this East London suburb has seen a trendy re-brand. Now, you'll find it regularly plays host to cultural events, comedy shows, and more. It's also been an especially popular tourist spot since the 2012 London Olympics, as the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park was built between Hackney Wick and Stratford for the games.

All of this explains why Hackney attracts such a thriving coworking scene. From freelancers and entrepreneurs looking to make connections outside of their home offices, to employees working as part of bigger corporations wanting to access a network of diverse flexible workspaces, there is something for everyone. We've done the hard work for you, and compiled a list of 5 of our favourite spots in the suburb. As always, read to the end for more information on how to book via NearU.

For podcasters: The Fisheries - from £30pp* 

The-Fisheries-6.jpeg 998.91 KB

This vibrant community-oriented space in London Fields is perfectly located for anyone wanting to explore the highlights of Hackney, just a stone's throw from the park, the lido, and Broadway Market. But as with any workspace, it's what inside that counts - and the Fisheries certainly impresses. Combining a mix of exposed brick and industrial furnishings with an organic feel from their abundant collection of houseplants, this space is a true feast for the senses. 

One unique thing we love about the Fisheries is their podcast recording suite, equipped with the latest technology and your very own sound technician on-hand to answer any questions you might have. Did you know we produce our very own podcast at NearU? Give it a listen here.

*bookings are only available in the form of 10 day passes priced at £300.

Grab some groceries at Broadway Market
This Victorian street market operates every Saturday from 9 till 5 with a wide range of stalls from bakeries to fishmongers to green-grocers. But even if you can't make it down at the weekend, you'll still find this street fully operational with a number of cafes, shops and restaurants open year-round every day.

For night-owls: Neighbourhood Works, London Fields - from £25pp

Screenshot 2021-11-09 at 16.43.59.png 4.5 MB

Not far from the Fisheries in London Fields, you'll find Neighbourhood Works. This is another great option for those workers looking for a real community feel, whether you're a freelancer or part of a larger company. You'll find a variety of spaces on offer here, from breakout rooms to phone pods, providing the kind of variety today's diverse workforce needs.

This flexible workspace is great for anyone who finds themselves particularly inspired during unsociable hours of the day, or on a weekend, as it's open 24/7. Plus, the free bottomless coffee they have on offer means will give you a boost when you hit that productivity slump.

Grab a snack at The Bread Station
This traditional Danish bakery is the best place to refuel on your lunch break in Hackney. Serving Climpson and Sons coffee alongside their award-winning bread based delights, The Bread Station is perhaps most renowned for its famous team, with co-founder Christoffer Hruskova holding a Michelin star to his name.

For foodies: Hackney Bridge - from £25pp

Hackney Bridge.jpeg 186.99 KB

Just a few minutes walk from Hackney Wick station, this vibrant flexible workspace is perfect for those seeking a community of freelancers and creatives. Hackney Bridge was designed with productivity at its core - its shared work area is bathed in natural light, an abundance of which can boost your mood, with ergonomic furniture to support both your body and mind.

An especially unique thing about Hackney Bridge is its on-site restaurant. Here you can find regular affordable offers, like £5 dishes every week and 2-for-1 drinks on a Tuesday and Wednesday. They're also visited by other tantalising travelling kitchens. Currently, you can chow down on some vegan Vietnamese delights brought to you by Hanoi Chay; or sample some South Indian street food by Tamila, amongst other dining options serving cuisine from across the globe.

For tech entrepreneurs: Plexal - from £24pp

Plexal-interior-2020-1.jpeg 148.19 KB

On the edge of Hackney Marshes you'll find Plexal. This large office has a number of floors with a variety of space on offer - from hot desks, to private phone booths and a 20-seater meeting room, there is something to suit every worker. Working at Plexal also gives you access to their regular events. They recently hosted another panel in their series 'Plexal Cyber Lates' with speakers from VIVIDA, Lloyds Banking Group, and Risk Ledger, all geared around getting tech startups off the ground.

But it's not just business with Plexal - they also believe in playing hard. That's why they have an indoor park, a yoga space, and host a regular 'Thirsty Thursday' after-work social. As their tagline says, they're more than an office.

Take a walk along the canal at Hackney Wick
Formerly an industrial area, Hackney Wick plays home to the River Lee Navigation, which makes a great walking route for any lunch break. As you stroll along it, you'll get to see a number of barges which double up as inventive spaces like bookshops, cafes and pubs. Like Barge East, one of London's flagship (pardon the pun) bars and eateries, with a mixture of onboard and off-board seating.

For skill-sharing: ARC Club Homerton - from £30pp

ARC club.jpeg 1.75 MB

This flexible workspace just around the corner from Homerton station prides itself on being a peaceful haven amidst the hustle and bustle of East London. Designed with a minimalist style, ARC Club makes use of natural light and white-washed wood to give this space an airy feel. You can also make use of their on-site canteen serving food and drink from local suppliers.

Another great perk of ARC Club is their knowledge sharing network, allowing you to learn from and collaborate with other members. Why not sign up to their newsletter, 'Yellow Pages', a publication featuring news highlights, event ads, and volunteering opportunities to stay up-to-date with what's going on in the local area?

Like the look of any of these spaces? They're all available to book via NearU. Simply download our app from the App Store or Google Play if you haven't already, and then search, book, and work.

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