Who’s NearU? How we've revolutionised work with a tool to find colleagues located nearby


01 Nov, 2021

Booking platform introduces new ‘water cooler’ element to hybrid working, empowering users to connect and collaborate in-person while remote working. 

Working near home saves employees 39 days a year in commuting time.

NearU, the UK tech startup that connects employees to flexible desk space and meeting rooms, has announced the launch of its ‘Who’s NearU’ app feature.

The new feature, which is part of NearU's pay-as-you-go booking platform that lets employees choose to work-near-home when convenient or more productive, empowers employees to see which colleagues are working remotely near them. The feature also allows users to add friends and colleagues to their network from outside their company who are also using the NearU platform.

The new opt-in feature introduces a social and collaborative element to hybrid working. Users can identify colleagues that they perhaps didn’t realise worked locally and can connect and network with other users that work in similar areas.

NearU, which was launched in early 2020, eliminates the need for a commute, expensive office rental and shared workspace contracts, and gives employees the freedom to do what works for them. With 42% of employees wanting to ‘Work Near Home’ in a co-working space closer to where they live, NearU is saving users 39 days a year commuting to and from the office.

Daniel Murray, CEO and founder of NearU, commented: “Our new feature gives users the opportunity to connect with colleagues or work alongside other professionals that they have met in remote working spaces. Remote working doesn’t have to be lonely, and this feature brings in a social element that many employees miss when they’re not in the office. Peers can therefore share knowledge and support each other without the need to lose valuable time commuting.”

"One thing I absolutely love is being able to see if I know anyone working at my space, it encourages me to get out the house and work there with them,” said Maddie Booth, NearU user and Founder of sustainable skincare business, Scrubbee.

NearU now offers more than 700 flexible workspaces locations around the world, in the UK, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America. The app can be downloaded for Apple and Android devices, and you can find out more about NearU here: nearu.io.

About NearU

NearU has launched an app that connects employees to flexible desk space and meeting rooms, putting flexible working at your fingertips. Traditional office working is a thing of the past and working-from-home has a high impact on our mental health - NearU's pay-as-you-go booking platform lets you choose to work-near-home when you want, eliminating the need for a commute, expensive office rental contracts, and giving you the freedom to do what works for you. 


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